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Our certified Education Cloud specialists understand the unique complexities of educational institutions. We combine deep platform knowledge with a dedication to student success, designing tailored solutions to optimize recruitment, enrollment, student support, and alumni relations.
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Ready to enhance the student experience and streamline your institution's operations with Education Cloud? Contact us today!
  • Student Recruitment & Lifecycle Management: We’ll streamline your application processes, nurture prospective students with targeted communications, and design seamless enrollment and onboarding experiences to set your institution apart.

  • Institution-wide Data & Processes: We optimize your Education Data Architecture (EDA) to unify student records, courses, programs, and other vital data. Our customized process automations empower efficient academic operations for your whole team.

  • Personalized Student Success: Let’s implement student advising modules, case management systems, and appointment scheduling tools that foster student support and help them reach their full potential. We can provide analytics solutions for identifying trends and supporting data-driven decision-making.

  • Alumni Engagement & Advancement: Create a connected alumni community with event coordination, targeted campaigns, and fundraising solutions. Nurture meaningful alumni relationships that benefit your institution for years to come.

  • Integrations & Extensions: Ensure seamless data flow by integrating Education Cloud with your existing SIS, LMS, and other core systems. If something you need isn’t present, we can expand functionality with tailored code solutions.

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Student Information System (SIS)
A centralized database for student records, admissions, enrollment, attendance, academic progress, transcripts, and more. Streamlines administrative processes and provides insights for decision-making.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Tools for optimizing interactions across the entire student lifecycle.
Learning Management System (LMS)
Platform for delivering online courses, assessments, and collaborative learning.
Data Analytics & Reporting
Solutions for turning student data into actionable insights for better decision-making.
Recruitment & Admissions Tools
Streamlines the application process and personalizes student outreach.



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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ's)

Implementation time depends on your institution's size, data complexity, and customization needs. We'll provide a realistic project timeline from the outset.
We have extensive experience in data migration. We'll assess your systems, develop a transition plan, and ensure a clean, organized launch of Education Cloud.
Definitely! We specialize in creating seamless integrations for efficient data flow across your core educational systems.
Education Cloud provides advisors with 360-degree student profiles, case management tools, and scheduling solutions. This fosters proactive support and personalized guidance.
Yes! Customizable analytics dashboards highlight key metrics and help visualize trends. You can set triggers and automate outreach to struggling students.
Yes, from managing inquiries and applications to automating acceptance workflows and streamlining onboarding.
Education Cloud offers secure donation tracking, campaign management, and reporting. Plus, tools for tailored communications and building an engaged community.